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Vayetze(And He Went) B’resheet/Genesis 28:10-32:3

Torah PortionVayetze(And He Went) B’resheet/Genesis 28:10-32:3

Haftorah Reading Hosea 11:7-13:5

This Torah portion covers over 20 years of Ya’akov’s life. It starts with his escape from the wrath of his brother Esau and ends with him, along with his family, making the journey back to the Land of Promise. These verses cover many thought provoking points. However, I will concentrate on only two.

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Tol’dot (Generations) B’resheet/Genesis 25:19-28:9

Torah PortionTol’dot (Generations) B’resheet/Genesis 25:19-28:9

Haftorah Reading Malachi 1:1-27

Today we read a Torah portion that covers much of the live of Isaac, the son of Avraham. Again, there are many spiritual lessons for us in this portion. However, I want us to concentrate on one interesting point.

I would like us to look at verses found in Genesis/B’resheet 26:15-22. In these verses we read of Isaac digging and reopening the wells his father Avraham dug years before in the land of the Philistines. Immediately questions arise of why would the Philistines fill in the wells dug by Avraham in the first place? In verse 15 we read where they stopped them up and filled them with earth. Israel is an arid land, not given to many sources of fresh water. This is especially true for the area where Isaac was living. So, what was the point of closing off a source of fresh water?

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Hayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life)B’resheet/Genesis 23:1-25:18

Torah PortionHayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life) B’resheet/Genesis 23:1-25:18

Haftorah Reading I Kings 1:1-31

The first three words of this Torah section are, “Life of Sarah.” Yet in this section we read of the death of both Sarah and Avraham. So, what does this say to us? Whether we like to think of it or not we are all on the path to death. But the more important question is how do we spend our days during the years of our life here on earth? In the life of both of these people what do we see? How did they live their lives? Both Avraham and Sarah overcame difficulties and were able to hang on to their faith in the Father.

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