Our Ministry

David and Jean Dorris formed ROAD TO ZION MINISTRIES in 2002. After more than 20 years of living in Israel in response to the call of G-d, David and Jean returned to America in mid 1999. Since their return to America they have been actively seeking a way to fulfill this continuing call on their lives. Road to Zion Ministries is a direct out growth of that search.

Road to Zion Ministries is actively involved in the last days move of G-d in restoring the Jewish people to their promised homeland of Israel. It is also engaged in the support of these immigrants once they arrive in Israel through helping with housing and work training needs. Road to Zion Ministries also is working diligently in the effort to overcome Anti-Semitism in all its forms. We seek to assist the victims of terror when possible with whatever means are necessary to get them back to a place of being a productive part of society.

The objectives of Road to Zion Ministries are:

  • To arrange work/study trips to Israel on an ongoing basis.
  • Work with organizations within Israel in identifying those people who are in need of help in recovering their productive role in Israeli society.
  • Find ways to assist victims of terror in their special needs.
  • Promote dialogue between Christians and Jews to break down the walls of mistrust and separation.

The goals of Road to Zion Ministries are:

  • To arrange at least two trips each calendar year to Israel. These trips would include both work on different projects and study with scholars and ordinary people of the land.
  • To arrange a working relationship with as many organizations as possible within Israel that shares the same common values and objectives as Road to Zion Ministries.
  • To search for avenues to contact and meet the needs of victims of terror in Israel. This could include direct contact between Road to Zion workers and the victims of terror or indirect support through other means.
  • To work with the Jewish community in Pensacola and other venues to bring about dialogue between Christians and Jews in a neutral atmosphere to facilitate understanding.

The action plans of Road to Zion Ministries are:

  1. Through advertising and personal contacts within the Jewish and Christian communities arrange a Spring and Fall trip to Israel. This trip would include the restoration and refurbishing of housing for both new immigrants as well as sabra Israelis. This would entail painting, repair and in some cases total restoration of living facilities for families. It would also include training of people to do the work themselves as well as occupational training. This would give the person the ability to support themselves and their families on a long-term basis.
  2. Most homes in Israel are apartments and usually very modest in American standards. It is estimated that the average repair cost in most cases would be in the range of $500-$750.00. There would be exceptions to this estimate which would be handled on a per case methods.
  3. Another segment of these trips would be organized study times with scholars of the land in a number of subjects ranging from Jewish history, language and religion. This would be an intregel part of every trip.
  4. Road to Zion Ministries is already working with two organizations in Israel, which share common goals. One of these organizations works specifically with widows and single mothers in Israel, while the other concentrates on helping new immigrants and native-born Israelis who have a specific economic need. Both of these organizations are well respected in Israel and abroad for the work they are doing. Our goal is to expand this working relationship to the place that our trips could become an important part of their work.
  5. Road to Zion Ministries is seeking ways to identify and contact terror victims, which have needs not being met by the state. This would include hospital visits during the trips to Israel and an ongoing personal relationship with these people through mail.
  6. Road to Zion Ministries is involved through its president with the local Pensacola Jewish community. Teaching sessions have been arranged with local Jewish Rabbis as well as involvement in community activities that are of interest to both groups of people.